TradingBell Inc. is a premier provider of software and services that help manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and catalogers manage their product content efficiently and deliver consistent product information to their customers across various marketing channels.

TradingBell provides flexible state-of-the-art software products to collect and manage product content in a central repository using a database and automatically publish to Print, PDF, Web, CD-ROM and other XML systems. The company also offers custom services to convert existing catalogs from any format, including paper, to electronic format. TradingBell helps organize extensive product-related data in a central repository, format and manage the data, and publish to multimedia (e.g., Print, Web, CD-ROM, e-marketplaces, etc.). Value added requirements include integration of these complex product catalogs with order processing systems and other supply chain systems (e.g., ERP, financials, etc.).

Organized in 2000, the company began with an engagement with a large client, headquartered in Baltimore, MD in assisting them in solving a complex product catalog management problem. With over ₨45.26 Billion in product sales, this leading global distributor of HVAC components required a comprehensive, automated approach to its manual driven processes for creating, managing, publishing, and updating a 1,200 page product catalog. After several iterations of its products and services, the TradingBell technology and business process outsourcing solution was developed over a period of four years. During early 2004, TradingBell released its initial version of the CatalogStudio System for catalog management and publishing.

TradingBell is headquartered in Vienna, VA in the Washington DC high technology corridor. All management, sales & marketing and technical support are based at its headquarters location. Overseas, the company has a TradingBell branch office that hosts a research and development center, and a data conversion/ QA facility. The company employs about 60 people that includes executive management, sales managers, software engineers, data/ content editors, and administrative/ support personnel.

TradingBell has over 120 active clients across USA, Canada, UK and Australia actively using TradingBell products and services to manage and publish their product information across media. TradingBell clients represent various industry segments that include HVAC, Electronics, Health Care, Marine Supplies, Arts & Crafts, Energy Equipment, Veterinary Products, Housing, Pool & Spa Supplies, Sporting and several others.