TrailerChix  promoting fabulous living in small eco friendly footprints through video and web content.

TrailerChix tries to return some of the lost charm and elegance to trailer life while utilizing many of the new and exciting technological advances that will help us build a more sustainable planet through a smaller ecological footprint.

We take a holistic and bold view of the trailer lifestyle. Although we focus on travel trailers, we realize that our approach to living full or part time in a smaller footprint should also include our growing number of fellow travelers who live without wheels – shipping containers, floating homes, converted airplanes, railroad cars and other alternative habitats.

At TrailerChix we have a sense of responsibility to encourage and support current and future creative expressions. We celebrate those who are choosing travel trailers for alternative uses such as food carts, studio spaces, home offices and guest rooms.  And we salute those who are choosing to live full time in smaller footprints and who are committed to lowering our emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

Although at times it’s hard for us to resist the need to show off only insanely perfect designs, we don’t take this lifestyle so seriously that we forget the fun and pleasure that living so freely brings. So we embrace the more avant-garde along with the humorous sides of our readers and contributors.

While there are a number of highly mechanical resources available supporting travel trailers, TrailerChix chooses to address only the technical fundamentals and focus most of our attention on helping to build a better and more well-rounded life experience.

In their first 100 years, travel trailers have been male-inspired, and we think it’s time to give women a turn to drive. We encourage you to become an active participant on this site, sharing your knowledge, expertise and experience with others so we can make the next 100 years more exciting and more dynamic for independent and creative women of all ages worldwide.

Just so you know:

There are a lot of men who are asking us if they can be “trailer chicks” … well, of course they can, but they have to do it with style.