The free TRAIL GUIDE mobile application for South Africa's mountain biking and hiking trails is a comprehensive tool to get you outdoors, hiking, cycling or trail running through the best of South African scenery with the greatest of ease. TRAIL GUIDE SOUTH AFRICA is a more than just FREE trail locator, it's a fantastic tool to plan your holiday, weekend away or day outdoors. There are hundreds of Mountain bike and Hiking trails throughout South Africa including the essential information like GPS maps, trail descriptions, points of interest, photo's, facilities, fees, emergency contacts, weather and so much more.

In addition, there is info on the closest restaurants, accommodation venues, attractions, gear stores and services to the trail of your choice, you have to down load it to enjoy the full extent of the info available. It's available on Google Play and iStore.
As professional mountain and adventure guides, we've taken local and international tourists to the most spectacular parts of South Africa for over 20 years. Our passion to show off the best of our beautiful land has filled our lives with constant adventure, amazing people from all over the world and a great appreciation for our natural environment.

We've developed TRAIL GUIDE SOUTH AFRICA as an acknowledgment to all those adventurous spirits out there. Our aim is to make the massive network of South African trails easily accessible to tourists, adventurers, families and any outdoor enthusiast.

Do it your own way, explore in your own time
Over the years we've had key questions asked repeatedly:
• Where can we hike?
• Where can I find a trail map?
• Where can I relax and enjoy a meal after the trail?
• Is there accommodation near the trail?
• What else is in the area?
• Where can I get supplies and equipment?
• What’s the weather like in the area?