TrailNote™ is an online website that is FREE and EASY to use. Once registered, you have the ability to create a 'TrailNote™'. A TrailNote™ is a simple online form that stores your travel details. You name the trip, provide a travel description, give a start time and end time of the trip, and mark your destination on a digital map. You also enter the email or text message address of people you would like to notify in case of you do not return in time.

Take your trip with confidence. When you are done with your trip use a computer or web-enabled cell phone and cancel your TrailNote™. TrailNote™ will provide a warning if you forget. In the event you do not return, TrailNote™ will automatically message everyone that you selected. Your contacts are alerted that you are missing and may require assistance. The message will contain a link to TrailNote.com and provides your contacts with the details of your trip, where you were going, the map information, and your contact information from your profile.

TrailNote™ provides you with the security that in the event something happens... people will know you require assistance! With the TrailNote™ details your contacts will know how to assist you more quickly saving valuable time. So no matter where you roam TrailNote™ insures you are never completely alone. Do not even think of leaving home without a TrailNote™!