Do you want to carve out an international career in the age of internet?
Are you passionate about teaching or training? Perhaps you are already doing that with your students or prospects sitting in a classroom. Now secure your future with a recession-proof profession presenting exciting income growth prospects. Yes with the awesome power of internet we will help you to reach out to the world without even stepping out of your room! Yes virtually through your PC or laptop!!

Here’s a short, simple, practical, fast-track, job-oriented, hands-on, instructor-lead, face-to-face training program done live with 2-way audio-video interactivity in your browser on an easy and user friendly internet platform which will transform your present ability and experience in teaching or training into an online expertise!

In 50 hours we will train, mentor, test & certify you as an e-teacher with the capability to teach or train “Anyone”, “Anywhere”, “Anytime”! Just imagine, armed with this skill you could launch yourself as an international online trainer or e-teacher or instructor or tutor or educator or counsellor or coach or mentor or whatever your passion!!

Very briefly, Train2Teach-Online part of ICPI International, UK  is a pioneering international institution at the forefront of education, research, HRD consulting, training and developing a new cadre of trainers and teachers who are spearheading the online revolution in the ever-growing e-tutoring and e-learning Industry worldwide.

Therefore, our mission is to be the prime mover and facilitator in providing leading edge technology tools, international best practices and processes to help all professionals to harness these competencies and realise their full potential as e-teachers, e-trainers, e-instructors, e-tutors, e-educators, e-coaches or e-mentors or e-counsellors through the online delivery model of education and learning.

How does it work?
Above all, the awe-inspiring power of internet has unleashed instructional platforms connected through the broadband where real trainers or teachers sitting in front of their PC’s face real pupils or the prospects dispersed in distant geographic locations are able to see & communicate with each other. They interact live through audio and video, sharing presentations, multimedia, charts and videos to name a few. They are able to engage in live discussions and explain their subject matter on electronic “white boards”. This two way audio-video communication takes place minute-by-minute and learning happens all in real time in the internet browser just as it happens in a normal class room. But the beauty of it is that neither the trainer nor the trainee have ever met each other in person nor anyone ever got up from their chair let alone travelling hundreds of miles to attend a seminar, workshop, classes or being mentored!! Yet both the teacher and pupil achieved the same learning outcome if not better which they might have achieved in person face to face in a conventional classroom. A recent study conducted by Department of Education in USA concluded that online education beats real classroom learning!! Check this URL: http://tinyurl.com/ICPI-NYT-Eteaching  

As a Teacher or Trainer are you ready for this challenge?
Thus as you can visualise, with the proliferation of various technologies every conceivable course or a training programs in education or business sectors which earlier required the presence of a teacher and was taught face to face in a physical classroom can now be done as effectively if not better with everyone sitting in front of their PCs facing each other live in a virtual world in geographically dispersed locations and achieving the same instructional objectives just as it happens in a real classroom. Now with this emerging hi-tech scenario are you ready to move your career to next level as a teacher or trainer??!!!

What is “Certified International E-Teacher” or CIET course in e-teaching & training?
CIET Course is the first ever online training program for teachers or trainers who want to cash on their teaching or training capabilities and become e-trainers or e-teachers. It is a 50 hours instructor-lead course conducted entirely online in real time wherein the lessons are delivered face-to-face live on prospects PC or laptop in a class on the internet through a broadband connection.