Why We’re Here

Trained by Pros understands the critical need for personal and professional growth. Information is essential to keep our lives advancing both personally and professionally. There is no better way to maintain a competitive advantage than through a consistent and effective training program.  Trained by Pros has developed a multitude of interactive and hands-on skills development programs that are specifically designed to engage, enroll and educate each participant.

Who We Are

Our founder has more than 18 years of experience in marketing, sales, management and training. He is the driving force behind our team and currently spearheads three global companies.  His direct work with all levels of the corporate structure -from entry level associates through Management and including CEO’s, Executive Directors and Corporate Presidents, provides him with a vast selection of real life experiences to incorporate into each training experience.

Our training methods are entertaining and educational.  We believe that training must be packed with exceptional skills and knowledge, but must be equally fun and entertaining.  Participants must be engaged in order to achieve the maximum impact of the training session.  Our training methods and approach aim to create an atmosphere that is comfortable, accepting and entertaining, thus allowing participants to simply relax, enjoy and learn!

How We Do It

While our founder and lead trainer has a vast level of knowledge and experiences, he accepts that he cannot do it on his own! He regularly draws on his own life experiences and skills but he has developed a strategic collaboration with other seasoned Executive Consultants, Human Resource Professionals, Corporate Managers, Executive Trainers and a Research and Development team who also embrace the difficulties and joys associated with providing exceptional leadership.  It is through specific leadership techniques, communication strategies and training techniques and our collaborative alliance that provides us the ability to offer an exceptional and unparalled level of service and quality of product that makes your training experience with us exceptional!

Call or email one of our training representatives -we welcome the opportunity to discuss your training needs.