Traklight is committed to educating customers, identifying IP and empowering companies to protect and leverage their ideas.

We offer entrepreneurs, inventors and business owners an alternative solution to Intellectual Property (IP) identification, storage and protection. Traditionally, these services have only been available through in-person consultations with attorneys. The problem: this community is largely unaware that they have intellectual property and if they are, high attorney fees often dissuade them to seek protection. The solution: Traklight.

The tools on Traklight.com are designed to assist specifically in the identification, storage and protection of our users’ IP so they are safe to build and market their businesses.

Free Risk Quiz
A 5-question quiz to determine the users’ risk of undiscovered, unprotected intellectual property (IP).

ID your IP
An easy to use and cost effective IP identification tool. The user simply logs on and answers a series of questions related to their business. Developed by a team of legal professionals, the resulting custom report outlines their potential Intellectual Property and what they should do to protect it.

A storage, organization, and verification tool.  Users upload important information – from official legal documents to trade secrets to cocktail napkins with the next big idea – onto Traklight’s secure site. We’ll time-stamp, store, and protect them. Users have 24/7 security while maintaining the ability to access their information with the click of a button.

IP Cloud
A resource hub with links to recommended service providers, contacts and educational materials to further empower users to understand IP and protect their ideas.