Trans City Cab is the first taxi company in Madison, Alabama and has already in three short years, expanded to Huntsville, Athens, Decatur, and Priceville, Alabama; not to mention The state of Tennessee. This cutting edge company is also the first to house taxi-top advertisement holders atop their brand new Chevy Impala Taxi Cabs. Trans City is always ahead of the competition and is already planning to house upgraded taxitop ad holders atop their expanded fleet including Chevy Impala, Chevy Venture Vans, and Crown Victoria's.

Trans City has contacts in law enforcement and gets the best of their fleets when these agencies on all levels of government are ready to buy new vehicles to replenish their own fleet. Trans City has only given the public the best vehicles and will continue to do so. Trans city only buys vehicles from government entities to ensure that they are in the soundest of condition, for serving the public!

Teans City Cab has some major announcements to make in the years 2011, 2012, and 2013, so stay tuned to what the smartest, cleanest, most modern taxi company in the Tennessee Valley will do next!

Best Rates  .  Best Cars  .  Best Drivers  .  Trans City is... Simply The Best!

Other Services

* We place Ads on Your Cab (Get 35%+ of ad sales)
* Over 110,000 people could see your ad on our taxi tops and windows.
* Remember, Cabs are on the road 16-20 hours a day!

* Advertise on our taxitops (first in Alabama History)

* Internet Presence (Technical Sales Department)

* Web Sites (Very Affordable)

* And so much more...