On 3rd September Don plans to set off from San Francisco, and run 3,100 miles across the United States of America to New York, without a support team. This is the second leg of an attempt to break two of the most gruelling endurance records. He completed the first leg last year, when he rowed the North Atlantic Ocean in a 23 ft rowing boat with 3 others - Livar Nysted, Leven Brown and Ray Carroll. The team broke one of the oldest sporting World Records in history by 11 days, previously held by Harbo and Samuelsen.

Don is attempting to run the 3,100 miles in just 45 days. That's an average of 68 miles per day (up to 16 hours a day running and walking), to challenge the current world record which stands at 46 days. The route will take him through 12 states and some of the harshest terrain and weather conditions in the USA.

There will be stretches of highway where there is nothing but wilderness for 2-3 days. In these areas he will have to depend on his own intuition and skills to find water, safe places to sleep and to deal with the wildlife that will undoubtedly be encountered. In the populated areas he will be asking people to come and participate in running with him for a few miles to involve them in the fun and social aspect of the event.

Completion of this second leg will be a world's first, making Don the only person to have rowed an ocean and run across a continent.