Transcription Solutions was established in 1999 as a medical transcription services organization, concentrating on manual medical transcription in order to serve as an intermediary between health care organizations and medical transcriptionists. The company enjoys great success in the health care industry by providing turn-key voice recognition software and services to physicians, hospitals, doctors' offices, and other health care providers.

Transcription Solutions transforms dictation into written words, using M*Modal's advanced speech recognition software technology (listen here). While this high-tech medical transcription solution remains consistently accurate for health care professionals who seek autonomy, a selection of voice recognition software solutions can be adapted to your organization's individual dictation needs, organizational style, and staffing requirements.

Transcription Solutions provides an industry-leading business and pricing model designed to fit organizations of all sizes. For example, we saved a small rural hospital approximately $105,000 annually - simply by cutting the cost of each medical transcription line. By spending less on medical transcription services, more resources can be put to work in other critical areas - cutting costs without reducing quality of care. Partnering with Transcription Solutions doesn't require a large upfront expenditure, or a complex financial process. Basically, you pay by the line. There's no change in how your medical transcription costs are calculated, so there's no change to the costs that are already built in to the budget. Unlike our competitors, we charge no annual fees, no set-up charges, no training fees, no software upgrade fees, no maintenance fees and no licensing fees. Transcription Solutions even provides free digital voice recorders if needed. This technology saves time. By doubling - and even tripling-the productivity of each editor, your health care system can easily handle a higher volume of patients. There is no need to hire new employees or place added stress on your current staff. Our free training turns medical transcriptionists into Medical Language Specialists, or MLS. An MLS can make edits while listening to the dictation, making turnaround almost instantaneous.

Transcription Solutions seeks to 'slay the Dragon' of traditional medical transcription services that often provide inaccurate and cumbersome medical transcription editing, or use unresponsive overseas medical transcriptionists. The combination of our superior technology, software support, and all US-based, professionally trained medical transcriptionists make the difference in higher productivity and profitability.