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Candid Technology's Secure Transcription is a well established, Secured and Reliable transcription company in USA, UK over a decade. We offer Transcription services, Documentation services , Secretarial services, Audio to text services solutions to businesses with 99% accuracy and with affordable rates at $1/min of audio. For more info Call Toll Free number 1-866-410-8787 & avail Christmas Discounts in your Projects

Transcription Services from Candid Technology, provides Audio transcription ,Video transcriptions, Interview transcriptions, Media Transcription services at low transcription rates Call 1-866 410 8787 Toll Free Number and Upload your audios in our secure server visit http://www.securetranscription.com to avail free trial offers

Transcription Services for Companies

Secure Transcription transcribers are expert in delivering transcription services in the field of

•     Media transcription,
•     TV Transcription,
•     Journalist Interview Transcription,
•     Business transcription,
•     Automobile Industry Transcription Services
•     Church Sermon Transcription Services
•     Market Research Transcription Services
•     Legal transcription,
•     Educational transcription,

Other General transcriptions and Medical transcription and Audio To Text Services
Transcription Audio Formats

Candid Technology accept all kinds of audio formats for transcription, Upload audios in any type of,

•     Digital Audio Formats Transcription (mp3, wav, wmv, mp4, aiff) or
•     Analog Audio Formats Transcription (Audio tapes, cassettes, micro cassettes, CD/DVD/VCD)
And get transcripts in .doc (document) or any format prescribed by you.

Secure Transcription Services Features:

1. Affordable Transcription Rates : $1 per minute of audio
2. Quick Turnaround Time: Delivery of transcripts are 12 to 24 hrs.
3. Quality of Transcripts: 99% Accuracy Level Guaranteed.
4. 24/7 Customer Support: Dial 1-866-410-8787 for round the clock assistance.
5. Reliable Upload: Upload your audios for transcription in our Secure Server.
6. Avail Free Trial Offers

For more info about Transcription services TAT, Pricing visit http://www.securetranscription.com

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Company Name: Candid Technology

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