Our clients monitor and manage the delivery management process in real time, with a full audit trail and indisputable proof of activity from leaving the depot to arrival at final destination and returning to depot.  

Benefits include reduced admin and operational costs, reduced payment delays and credits, maximising the driver’s time out on the road and improved customer service and communication.

•     The Android and iOS app is deployed on either rugged or smartphone devices, providing the driver with clear and simple instructions via the PDA.
•     TranSend provides real-time, web-based management and monitoring,  route compliance, driver compliance, predictive ETAs using live traffic information and Delivery Intelligence using KPI dashboards, with optional route planning, for a single end to end view of the delivery operation.
•     Optional Route Planning for the building of route plans, ranging from simple manual building (using drop and drag), through to the automated building of optimised routes based on standard sales orders (taking into account number of orders, weights and volumes, locations, fleet size and availability, customer promise etc.).

TranSend Solutions Ltd is a privately-owned, UK company and the product author of the TranSend ePOD , Route Planning and integrated delivery management solution. The product roadmap is driven by customer requirements and focuses on guaranteed system uptime and data accuracy for business critical delivery operations.

A single-source solution including software, hardware, technical infrastructure, communications and device management.