For over a decade, Shel Horowitz has shown business how to go green affordably and effectively€”--and how to market that green commitment to win new customers, turn them into fans, and turn them into your ambassadors. He also shows consumers how to green their own lives while actually improving quality of life.

Inspired by his "impossible" success protecting a threatened local mountain forever, he's recently expanded his focus to harness the profit motive as a powerful tool for turning hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance--founding GoingBeyondSustainability.com (aimed at the corporate world) and ImpactWithProfit.com (for entrepreneurs). "Enlightened self-interest can get it done, while guilt and shame fail," he says. He will happily help you reinvent your business as focused on helping society get beyond these seemingly intractable problems, and developing products, services, and marketing that turns "impossible" into "what are we waiting for? Let'€™s get it done!"

As a profitability/marketing consultant, trainer, speaker, and copywriter, he can help you:
• Identify opportunities to create new social transformation products and services that fit in well with your existing skills and customer/fan base, create new revenue streams, and address one or more of these big issues
• More effectively market your existing green and social change products and services
• Develop lucrative win-win partnerships with businesses, nonprofits NGOs, and community organizations that open up new markets, revenue streams, and credibility for your company

Shel has spoken in cities as far-flung as Davos, Istanbul, and Honolulu. His most popular talks are "Impossible is Not a Fact--€It's a Dare" and "Making Green Sexy." He'€™s the author of ten books, including the long-running category bestseller Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green and his latest, Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World.