Transition Music Corporation (TMC)

A cutting edge company led by a team of award-winning entertainment industry innovators & supported by GRAMMY® and EMMY® Award-winning artists. TMC was founded in 1996 and we know music!

We are the only company who does what we do, at the level we do it, and we can prove it!  Because of our unique combination of products and services TMC has become an industry leader with more than 120,000 domestic television performances this year alone. 23 TV series & 9 networks rely exclusively on Transition Music Corporation  (TMC) for comprehensive music solutions for “ALL” things music, including; our digital online production music library, composers, clearance & licensing, connecting to new & indie artists, music supervision, IP management, administration & creation of music driven revenue streams.  


Music Library - Vocal & Instrumental library available online and via hard drive features detailed meta data, Mp3, AIF or Wav Files

Publishing Catalogs - songs recorded by new & popular recording artists

Composers/Songwriters 100+ available for custom/original songs, cues and underscores

Independent Artists - “Ultimate Exposure”, license music from TMC’s roster of emerging independent artists

Music Supervision - Team of In House Music Supervisors for all visual media

Music Brands – Music created to “Brand” your Networks/Products/Series

Customize Music Solutions - Decrease, control cost, increase revenue, mitigate risk, improve efficiency

Monetize & Repurpose New or Existing Music Assets

Risk Mitigation, Analysis and Solutions - relating to “Digital World” issues i.e. uncontrollable proliferation of content on multiple platforms increasing illegal music use

Music Asset Management - Centralize and/or Streamline Music Processes

Music Administration – Team expertise in intellectual property includes; copyright, global royalty collection/disbursement, manage PRO relationships and deliverables

Certified Women's Minority Business Enterprise, WMBE ( Utilities & SCMBDC)

Transition Media

In January 2012 TMC began forming alliances with leading entertainment companies who have collectively and individually demonstrated success in their fields. Through our allied companies we’ve expanded to provide an exclusive one stop solution encompassing all stages and phases of production from development to completion to distribution.  

Today we produce content to introduce products, create awareness, educate employee’s and target diverse markets. Our media partners Basil Street Productions and Marni Gaulord Bernstein have demonstrated the highest levels of success in all stages & phases of production from concept to completion for all media across all platforms including: PSA’s, Commercials, Sponsor Driven Content, Industrial Films, Informational, Marketing & Sales Videos, and Documentaries.

Aligned with production partners Basil Street Productions and Marni Gaylord Bernstein, TMC offers an exclusive one-stop solution.


Donna Ross Jones - Founder and CEO Transition Music & Media Corporation (TMC). Jones has built a successful company and contributed to the success of superstars including: Eddie Murphy, Heart, Irene Cara, Rick James and Anita Baker. An expert in management, music publishing, digital media, intellectual property and IP monetization, Jones has a history of developing and implementing solutions in the ever changing world of music in entertainment and technology. Under Jones’s direction, Transition Music provides exclusive music and customized music solutions for more than 23 television series & 9 networks & generates more than 250,000 broadcast performances annually. Jones, a recognized industry leader and active Autism advocate, is the Co-Founder of Special Needs Network and publisher of the online blog Autism Day By Day. She has received Congressional recognition for her work impacting public policy and helping families living with  autism through education and advocacy.