When you are told your child needs a transplant, it is devastating news.
Parents not only have to deal with a life threatening diagnosis, a long potential wait to transplant and huge medical expenses; they also have a sense of loss for their donor family.  This is where family to family mentorship can help.  Transplant families provides connections, resources and inspiration for those families going through their darkest hour and the ones celebrating their gift to it's fullest.  

The most common resources that families request,  but struggle to find information on is generally the following:

Resources such as articles pertaining to specific treatments and therapies either in print or online during the transplant process.  And further resources available for psycho/social needs for post transplant (i.e. access to Medicaid, how to communicate with your school via IEP/504, etc.)

Financial aid that is available to them to help cover expenses

Available Counseling Support

Parent to Parent connections

Peer to Peer connections

By providing these types of resources we believe that we can increase the education and understanding about transplants to families throughout the world and help these families better advocate for themselves.