Transporteca is an online booking portal, where shippers can compare and book services by freight forwarders. The services in focus are less than container load shipments in any international trade.

Shipper: "Finding the best freight forwarder is time consuming, and we don't want to employ a logistics expert"

Forwarder: "Customer acquisition is so high that we don't want to sell to small customers - and our productivity drops when customers don't give us the information we need up front"

With an online booking portal like Transporteca, developed by experienced logistics professionals, these issues are solved. Shippers can analyse and compare services offered online by freight forwarders, make the decision and even pay online and get instant confirmation. Transporteca ensures that all the information required for delivering the service is collected up front and passed to the freight forwarder.

Transporteca is aimed at any company with shipping needs of more than a letter and less than a full container. The solution builds on ocean shipping container consolidation and a strong partnership of freight forwarders.

We are actively looking for freight forwarders with established LCL services to join the portal. Contact us if you are interested.

"Dear Shipper, we look forward to helping you finding the right logistics solution!"

"Dear Forwarder, we look forward to help you start selling your services online!"

The Transporteca Team