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Date: March 20, 2015                      
Arka Bala – Co-Founder
Mobile:  917-809-6237
Email: arka.bala@travalarm.com

Nikki Kurzynowski – Marketing Director
Mobile: 201-926-4851
Email: Nikki.K@travalarm.com

TravAlarm Wins Major App Quest 3.0. Awards!
Runner-up Prize ($5,000): Best Consumer/Transit Rider App - Best Crowdsourcing App ($5,000)

New York, NY, March 2015 – TravAlarm, creators of NYC journey planner app TravAlarm, has been awarded two top prizes in the App Quest 3.0 competition. Sponsored by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, AT&T, Transit Wireless, and New York University’s Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP), App Quest 3.0 is a global competition to solicit development of new mobile solutions designed to help improve commutes for millions of subway, bus and rail riders across the five boroughs in New York’s bustling metropolis.

The competition which challenged entrants to utilize real time MTA data to improve the everyday lives of New Yorkers during their commutes around the city, attracted forty-three teams of developers from ten countries, who submitted their apps for review. After four months of judging the submissions, eight teams were awarded 10 prizes and TravAlarm Inc. was awarded two of the top awards for their innovative and time-saving transit app TravAlarm: Runner-up Prize ($5,000): Best Consumer/Transit Rider App and Best Crowdsourcing App ($5,000).

The creators of the NYC journey planner app TravAlarm, are busy technology professionals who were often affected by missed connections and late trains and busses, which made them late to important meetings, so they designed the app to work as an effective and fun solution for busy commuters and travelers.

TravAlarm users will be able to use the app to set alarms for meetings and appointments, be alerted of real time subway, bus and light rail delays and listen to their favorite music while they travel, all in-app.

TravAlarm co-founder Arka Bala is thrilled about the awards and would like all New Yorkers to experience a more delay free commute using the app: ‘We are absolutely thrilled to know MTA, AT&T and a lot of very influential judges including the Chief Digital Officer of NYC think that TravAlarm is a winner. The lights of New York have inspired us to create this app and we will do our best to keep improving it so commuters in this great city have the most painless journeys.’

The app is available now on the Google Play store as a free download for Android and also the App Store for iOS8 devices.

TravAlarm is the perfect traveling companion for the over 8 million New Yorkers who use mass transit each week who want technology that works to make their lives better!

About TravAlarm Inc.:
TravAlarm Inc. is a company dedicated to the creation of applications and products that work to improve the lives of the masses. TravAlarm was born as a solution to the frustrations and delays of public transport suffered by the founders. Motivated by the desire to find a way of avoiding spending hours on cold platforms and being late for meetings, the founders created TravAlarm. Based in New York, London and San Francisco, the team is agile and intent on creating good experiences for its users.