At Travel Buddy World Trips, we understand what it feels like to want to travel but not have a travel buddy. We are excited about travel because we know there are so many fascinating places to explore in this world. We believe you have more fun when you travel with people who are just as excited about travel and have designed trips to meet your needs.

Travel Buddy World Trips has partnered with professional, reputable tour companies to offer unforgettable private tours to popular international destinations. Our tours are composed exclusively of travelers who do not have anyone to travel with and would prefer to travel with like-minded people. That means there are no couples, no prior friendships, and no relatives on our tours so nobody feels out of place. Everyone on the tour is simply interested in having fun exploring countries and meeting other travelers.

We do not pair you up with one travel buddy to travel with you on an itinerary you have planned. We believe it is safer to travel with multiple people on a tour organized by a professional company. Furthermore, a group provides you the opportunity to meet several travelers to connect with increasing the likelhood that you will have a fun, dream vacation.