Travel Diaries is the world’s only* combo travel journal, blog and book - a free online platform to create, share, and cherish your travel memories. Capture your travels in a digital diary, with stories, photos and maps, share your travel journal as a blog, or order a printed copy! See for yourself at www.traveldiariesapp.com.

Here’s how it works:
•     Open the web-based program on any computer or tablet.
•     Write your own travel notes and stories by chapter, adding maps and photos as you want.
•     Share all or some of your stories with others – or keep them to yourself.
•     Once your masterpiece is completed, it can be ordered in print format (6-by-8 inches) for a reasonable fee.

Other highlights:
•     Work online in an easy-to-use editor that shows you the pages exactly how you’ll see them in print.
•     Use a variety of fonts and layouts to style and personalize your journal.
•     Use Travel Diaries’ unique mapping options to share both locations and routes.
•     Include an unlimited amount of photographs.
•     Never worry about losing your diary. Travel Diaries keeps it safe for you.
•     Have a favorite photo from your trip? Use it as the cover of your printed diary.
•     Have ephemera such as train tickets, menus, and brochures? Set aside blank spaces for them in your book and paste them in later.
•     Give book-printing vouchers as gifts.

The Travel Diaries trip:
Travel Diaries was founded in 2014 by Dutch travel journalist Veerle Witte, who was inspired to start the service after a four-month trip to South America. For that adventure, Veerle had wanted a way to keep an online dairy that would include articles, maps and photographs, but she couldn’t find a site that combined all those elements. Since then, Travel Diaries has earned the trust of thousands of satisfied customers, and Veerle works with a team of travel-loving experts making sure that Travel Diaries offers the latest in technology and design. Its mission is to inspire people to travel the world and help them to capture their adventures in a unique and lasting way.