Travel Mate is a registered leading tourism developer and tour planner in Bangladesh. Travel Mate is the proud member of Bangladesh Tourism Foundation (BTF). For the organized support, diverse destination and flexible pricing have made Travel Mate a trustworthy place for the passionate traveler. At the same time, we offer the cheap package with the best support for the special days including holidays and the time of tourist season.

Not to mention, Travel Mate covers traveling all over the world considering your mind and taste. Every day, Travel Mate Team is trying to add new areas in the travel sector. Every time a people goes on a tour he wants to enjoy the time to remove the monotony and enriching the new knowledge. In this case, we are secured and trying to arrange the things for increasing your entertaining parts.
Why Travel Mate?
As a travel agency, our experience, commitment, and professionalism have brought us to this place. We try to keep you engaged on the tour and to introduce the new things which are the exceptionalism of Travel Mate.

Transparency: In the package of Travel Mate, we have no hidden charges or undescribed things. We try to keep all the things transparent for you to ensure a complete packaged family tour.
Choice: We give importance to your choice. The foods, hotel, and transport will be as you feel comfortable. The selection of the places researched by our experienced team. :
Savings: We will try to offer the best hotels, accommodation with the lower prices. It will help to finish the tour with a lot of savings as well as you will get the maximum output.
Security: When you are with us, ensuring your security is our primary concern. At the same time, if you want to visit or pay with our website, it is secured with the extra SSL layer.
To be sure, our customer support is 24/7 with most of the available methods including Phone calls, Online Messaging, or email. So, the part-time or passionate traveler loves Travel Mate. Anyhow, the winning of you is the win of us.