Saigon Travel  (http://www.traveltosaigon.com) company is dedicated to customer services and satisfaction, that's why we succeed.
Saigon Travel - As a local based company, we provide the best tour products to Tour Operators and Travel Agencies from all over the world, especially to customers from Europe, USA and Viet Kieu (Vietnamese Oversea).
As a private company with its flexibility, we give our best personal cares to all your clients' travel needs.
Over 08 years of experience in the region, we provide high quality consultancy resources and finest travel plans with no shopping tracks, less touristy attraction and with best buying program for daily local life discovery.
Same-day response policy will be reinforced to ensure the professional communication on your request.
We coordinate closely with Embassies, Airlines, and International medical care providers. Our mobile telephone numbers are available 24/7 to our clients for any assistance inbound emergency number: 84 (0) 914084471.

Saigon Travel Corp choose to stay a small-size company in order to take the best care of our clients and satisfy their personal travel needs. Exploring a new destination, enjoying the best of the country, having an exciting travel experience with our local daily life and most importantly wanting to return with us in the future are what we wish to offer to your clients.

Your tour guide:
You will have the opportunity to stroll along Vietnam's streets and markets accompanied by our excellent guides. Unlike the frustrating experience of using guide books, you will find it very assuring to rely on our personable, well-trained and informed guides to assist you with all of your travel needs while visiting Vietnam.

A common way to travel between Hanoi (in the North), Hue/Danang (in the Centre) and Ho chi minh city (in the South) is by airways. Vietnam Airlines is the main carrier servicing domestic routes within the country. Its rapidly expanding fleet now includes newly leased Boeing, Airbus, ATRs and Fokker aircrafts. Foreign pilots, from UK, Australia and France are often contracted to fly the aircrafts. The in-flight meals are basic, however the service is highlighted with the Ao Dai (traditional dress), costume that attendants are wearing.. During the rainy season flights can often be delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions. In this case, our staff will assist your clients and arrange the changes that may be necessary, accordingly to their needs. Vietnam Airlines however do not accept liability for delays and additional charges may be incurred by your client, and reclaimed through their insurance.

We arrange late-model with experienced drivers for your trip: 4-seat-cars (Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda) for groups of 1-2 person(s), minivans (Ford, Toyota, Mercedes) for groups from 3 to 7 people and buses (Hyundai, Daewoo) for bigger groups. For trips to mountainous areas, depending on conditions of routes, we may provide 4X4 vehicles.

The most famous train experience in Vietnam is with the Reunification Express. Of great historic significance, the single track linking Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City was restored in 1976 to express the country's unity, after having been destroyed repeatedly during years of war. Today, a number of trains (varying by speed!), commences the 1726km journey every day, with the entire journey taking from upwards of 36 hours. It is better to consider a short journey on the train, rather than the entire stretch from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Above all, remember that travelling by train in Vietnam is basic - not luxurious - and is not for everyone. It should be approached with an open mind and an adventurous attitude. Contact with the local people onboard can be an opportunity for an enriching experience and just reward for a little discomfort.

During trip, your clients would have the opportunity to try other modes of transportation that are more common with the native such as local trains, ferries, boats, and motorcycle taxis.. The experience of travelling by these will be one of the most memorable moments in Vietnam.

Saigon Travel offer a wide range of hotel rates from Deluxe (US $ 150-500/ night) to Standard (from US $ 30/ night), and rates in between. All of the hotels have been screened and selected by Indochina Travel Services based on their location, value, cleanliness, security, and services. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, you have excellent choice of hotel, particularly in the deluxe hotel market. Outside these cities, there have recently been new resorts built in both the major beach destinations of Danang, Hoian, Nha Trang, Phanthiet and Phuquoc Island. However these properties have little competition and are priced accordingly.

Your happiness is our passion!

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