Travlinn is a social platform where travelers get to view a trending map of the world to see where others are going and connect beforehand.  Once our community grows we intend to get Earth-Friendly Hostels onto the site so users can conveniently book a place to stay in addition to connecting with others.  We will use a percentage of the hostel reservations to give back to our planet and fund our partnerships with global organizations.

Our mission is simple.  We share the belief that no matter where you go, you'll always have someone new to meet.  We'd like to help benevolent organizations like Conservation International fight the good fight to help preserve and restore our planet.

We help travelers meet beforehand whether they're going to a trendy event like the Olympics, or going on Spring Break to Cancun.  You may be backpacking through Europe, great!  It's completely free to list where you're going and you can explore where others will be too.

You can also share your future destination plans on Facebook or Twitter in case you want to show your friends.  

The easiest way to get social prior to arriving somewhere.  A company founded to combat some of worlds problems by connecting different cultures and giving back to preserve our environment.  Go Travlinn, you'll be glad you did.