Like codes, puzzles, riddles and real treasure hunts? Free fun awaits. 6.18.12

CHICAGO, Jun 12, 2012 - Code breaker? Puzzle solver? Ever wanted to be a detective? It’s your cleverness vs theirs...winner takes all. Solve the puzzles, riddles and clues before the next guy? You will win a prize that will be delivered via mail...at no cost to yourself. Launch date is: June 18th.

• No registration required. • No fee to play. • No kidding.


Sign up for the launch day e-mail reminder...or use link on front page to follow me on twitter for a launch reminder...or bookmark it and check back. (launch date is June 18th in the evening)

Rules/How to play:
1. There will be a series of puzzles that are put online one at a time, twice a week until the series is finished. (Monday and Thursday evenings are when the new puzzles will appear) This particular hunt will be 4 weeks long. These puzzles will be connected to each other. You will need to successfully de-cipher all of them to reveal the final location.

2. There will be one or perhaps two misleading clues. A clever person will be able to figure out which are valid and which are not once they have all the clues in front of them.

3. The puzzles, riddles, ciphers and mysteries will be varied. The difficulty levels therefore will vary as well. (different people find different types of puzzles easier/harder) The clues might or might not be in proper order. If they are not in the correct order...(and there is always a way to tell if you are clever)...please put them into the right order for successful completition of the hunt. Oh and count on this: THE LAST PUZZLE WILL BE THE HARDEST.

4. The winner will be the person that e-mails me the correct answer...first.

5. The prize will be mailed directly to the winner at no cost to that person. Not too difficult huh? :) Excellent.

More info: info@treasuredhunt.com