Sunflower Publishing Company is a specialty publisher focusing on the finding that chronic degenerative diseases - the leading cause of death, today - have a common origin and a common treatment. The company publishes eBooks for the general public and for health centers introducing the ORS Method therapy. Founded in 1979, the company relocated to Sweden, in the year 2010.

About the Author:
An authority on chronic degenerative diseases, Nicholas Sampsidis, M.S., is a pioneer in the field, having edited and published the title, Homogenized Milk May Cause Your Heart Attack: The XO Factor, by K.A. Oster, M.D., D.J. Ross, Ph.D. and H.R. Dawkins. The book created a worldwide sensation after the major news wire services reported the December 7, 1983, Fairfield University press conference.

In his latest two titles: “Homogenized Milk & Atherosclerosis – Healing Heart Disease from A to XO” and “Something Called XO” Sampsidis expands on the work of Oster and Ross. He merges it with the findings of leading institutes, worldwide, to formulate one, unique, nutritional solution for preventing and reversing chronic degenerative diseases – the ORS Method. A graduate of Bowdoin College, Sampsidis provides advisory support to health centers implementing the therapy