In November, the owner of the website http://www.treatmentherbs.com, had decided to sell the website by listing it on the Internet Auction site named Flippa.com.

The domain and hosting of the site were registered on October 2012, but the blog went live on 26 July 2014, with membership becoming active a few months later.

- How It Works

1) It works as a health blog with an RSS feed.

2) It also works as a membership site at a cost of $57 USD for a lifetime subscription, which customers can buy and get access to the Members Area where they can find herbal remedies for various disorders, malignant diseases, as well as detailed information for every herb that can be used for several health problems (see Attachments below).

It is set up with Clickbank to take payments and get affiliates to promote for you, however, it can easily be used with any platform.

- Time Requirement

The Membership already has quality and unique content for over 20 health problems in each category and over 40 detailed herbs. Regarding the Membership, I have invested a large amount of time into finding, categorizing, and writing all the necessary information for members.

The Blog needs about 1-2 hours per week on the news section (you can sign up for herbs and/or herbal remedies on Google News to get daily news and post ideas sent to your email.)

Also, it needs about 2-3 hours to write a new article, as I always liked to write the articles myself (of course, you can hire writers on Fiverr or any other freelance sites to do the work for you).

Furthermore, it takes about 1 hour per day to upload a blog article on all Social Media and Communities (if you want).

- Social Media Accounts

The Social media profiles have been carefully created and developed.

1) Facebook 28,000 Fans

2) Twitter 1,850 Followers

3) Pinterest 1,200 Followers

4) Google Plus 750 Followers

5) YouTube 60 subscribers

All the followers are real, and there are also several communities on FB and Google Plus to which the website is subscribed.

Also, several posts/articles have not been posted on social media accounts because of my limited time and busy schedule.

- Running Cost

• Domain and Hosting $110/year (already paid until 9/9/2016)

• Wishlist membership plugin for updates and support $47/year (ended 11/11/2015)

• Aweber with 250 email subscribers $19/month (already paid until 8/12/2015)

- Search Engines Position On November 10 2015

Positioning in search engines (excluding the Ad lines) of the phrase Treatment Herbs without any advertising:

• Google No 13-Page 2 in 36.400.000 results

• Bing No 2-Page 1 in 14.300.000 results

• Yahoo No 2-Page 1 in 8.720.000 results

- Why Is The Website Being Sold?

I really love my site as it was developed from the ground up, and because herbs and natural treatments have been my passion for many years now. However, it is only me who is working on it as a hobby and to help people.

However, I am also an excellent freelance accountant providing monthly accounting services to companies in my town. A week ago, I received a great job proposal from a large company to take over their accounting office. I cannot deny such proposal, and unfortunately, this means I won’t have time for both my day job and the website.

I very much enjoyed working on the site and all the encouraging messages and excellent feedback that I receive every day, but I have also put a lot of work into building and re-designing it, and I cannot simply watch it die.

I have never run AdSense on the site, and I never bothered to search for any paid advertising to get income. That is why I believe someone with website, AdSense, and marketing knowledge, as well as the expertise to develop this site, can take the business to new heights (I have never viewed it as a business).

The auction for Treatment Herbs started at a starting bid of $1 and even though there is no reserve price set for this 12-day auction, I hope to see a winning bid that exceeds $1000.

Interested parties can find the auction at:

Thank you for your time and happy bidding,
Treatment Herbs