Osho World Adventure is responsible and leading travel and tour agency specialized in trekking, climbing and expedition in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan.  The company has been continually growing as leading adventure tour operator since its establishment.  Our service in travel and tourism are of international quality as we are well experienced on this sector. Besides making business with our client, we are also committed to maintain ethical standards in all our travel and trekking operations.

The company believes that your holidays with us will be a lifetime experience where you will enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of our country.  Over 20 years of experience in trekking and tourism sector, working as porter and guide for many years, we started Osho World Adventure to make your trip more memorable with quality and dedicated service. The company is fully dedicated to help all the travelers and trekkers who want to make their holidays in Nepal unforgettable.  The main motto of the company is to provide the quality service, satisfaction, hospitality and safety of travelers and trekkers.

As we are responsible travel and tour agency, we always keep in mind that we should protect and preserve natural beauty and cultural heritage of our country. We organize all our packages in such way that we can save our resources for future generation and always advise our client to minimize the negative impact on nature and culture of Nepal. We are also specialized in tour program in Bhutan, India and Tibet.

Osho World Adventure offers diverse programs and packages including all travel related services such as Trekking in Nepal, Peak Climbing, Mountain Expedition, Hiking, Nepal tour packages and sightseeing, transportation service, Hotel and Ticket Booking and many others. We assure that our services are flexible and affordable.