The Trigger-Happy Kittens The Trigger-Happy Kittens is a Moog Synthesizer-based Music Project, Produced, Performed & Engineered by Michael O’Morah, a Pollock-Krasner Award-Winning Artist & Original Electronic Music Producer & Keyboardist. As The Trigger-Happy Kittens, Mr. O'Morah records and performs Electronica across a variety of genres including: Light Trance, Ambient, Electro Pop, Acid, House, Synth-wave, Experimental, Avant-garde and Psychedelic Music. The Trigger-Happy Kittens released their debut Album, S.W.A.T/'n the Dawg! in early November of 2015. Recently their 2nd Release, Meowgeddaboudit! (Say it like Tony Soprano would say, "Fehgeddaboudit!"), surfaced as a Double LP of 20 Tracks encompassing over 130 Minutes of Electronica. Further, The Trigger-Happy Kittens' Digital Music is now distributed through DistroKid.com which makes it available through most Digital Music Stores and Subscription Streaming Services. The Trigger-Happy Kittens recently announced their intent to publish all future Music under their Dual Dragons Records Label

Their Weapons of Choice
The Outsider Artist Influence is what makes The Trigger-Happy Kittens' Music so unique,shaped by a truly individualistic, though off-the-shelf, set of Instruments. The Trigger-Happy Kittens' Minimoog Voyager Select Series Performances are augmented with, expression and effects pedals, Sequencers, the occasional usage of MIDI, plus occasional  Mac or iOS Soft Synths and Arpeggiator apps. The Trigger-Happy Kittens was Founded when Michael was standing in his burgeoning Home Studio next to the Akai Electronic Drum Kit while Aster, (a White House Cat, now deceased) and Bebe, (a Maine Coon Cat), rubbed up against the Drums;. Michael looked up from their Cats and said, "Those are some Trigger-Happy Kittens!", referring to the Drum Triggers of the Electronic Drum Kit. The Name stuck.

Electronica Airplay
The Trigger-Happy Kittens are also Members of the Indie Underground Electronic Music Movement, #WEATNU (We Are The New Underground). The THK is regularly featured on @NCCRRadio’s, #InTheMoog in the North Cotswolds near Gloucestershire, England and on The Lion FM90.7, Penn State's University Radio on DJ TK's Show: Altered State.

Not just a Musician
Michael O'Morah also creates all the Artwork related to The Trigger-Happy Kittens, including the Album Covers and even T-Shirts and related Swag. He's also designed Album Covers for KC & The Sunshine Band and the Lead Singer of Iron Butterfly and many others. His Artwork has exhibited Internationally and he is a Pollock-Krasner Grantee and winner of the Gwendolyn Hawley Award for Excellence in Art History. As someone who struggles with hiv/AIDS Mr. O'Morah is a strong advocate for the Product (RED) Campaign, red.org.