TRICCAR is a pharmaceutical research and development company targeting the world’s most devastating diseases: cancer, obesity, ALS, trigeminal neuralgia, fibromyalgia, diabetic and other nerve diseases, hypothyroidism, and pain through prescription and dietary supplements.

We are a cultivation, research and development pharmaceutical company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA that is focused on investigational research of naturally-derived formulas and their applications to the treatment of common health issues.

Our investigational approach to disease abatement includes natural alternatives to toxic procedures and drugs that have been shown to kill tissue, cause organ damage, weaken immunity, or otherwise produce side effects that are sometimes worse than the diseases they treat.

Through joint venture partners and our own efforts we are advancing iPS stem cell research through gene delivery and recoding of adult stem cells to embryonic stem cells and developing state-of-the-art growing protocols and technologies with the goal of finding cures for common diseases, thus giving millions of afflicted people hope for a better tomorrow.