Trice Imaging Inc., replaces printing, burning of CDs, snail-mailing, FedExing and faxing of medical images with a faster, cheaper and more efficient communication solution.

Trice Imaginig, Inc. is a dynamic, global company that is revolutionizing the exchange of information in healthcare communities.  At the heart of Trice Imaging, you will find exceptional technology and customer focus that provides solutions that address today's (and tomorrow's) challenges.  

Tricefy™, Trice Imaging's sophisticated, web-based, medical image routing platform that mobilizes DICOM information from any imaging modality to any cell phone, email account or remote archive - in seconds. Regardless of the imaging system currently in place, Trice Imaging can uniquely deliver SMS or email communications with no hardware or software investment and a pay-as-you-go model. Trice Imaging increases referrals and consultations while eliminating the inefficiencies and cost of burning CDs/DVDs and the printing of low-quality thermal images - all without requiring any changes to the clinic’s workflow. The service offers double-authentication security and redundant storage within a process that is HIPAA compliant and has FDA Class I classification. An award-winning, San-Diego based venture, Trice Imaging delivers a patented SaaS, Rx-only solution and nearly instantaneous installation, allowing social viewing, sharing and storing of images by patients as well as greater collaboration and care by medical professionals.