Our Goal:
Tri-Cities eCommerce Business Solutions goal is to connect your business with your customers is a positive way to enable the business to provide better products, better service, and better prices.

Our Vision:
Through the use of our services the local business owner will finally fully utilize their website in conjunction with their offline business to cut advertising costs and still increase their customer base.

Our Mission:
Is to provide this knowledge to the local business owners through the use of our consulation services and workshops/seminars. We are not here to break the bank, we want to help the small local businesses to save money and still be able to enjoy the benefits of a fully targeted and cost effective advertising budget. For less than the cost of a large pizza we can save most businesses as much as 50% of the advertising costs monthly while increasing their paying customer base.

What We Do:
Tri-Cities eCommerce Business Solutions provides a free consulation session first to determine how the business can integrate their website into the offline business. From their we begin to start targeting your advertising efforts so that you can be more cost efficient and in most cases with more effective results.

Once this is established we can focus on getting the business's website more traffic and better search engine placements which will in turn lead to more customers through the door both online and offline.

Give us a call today and we'll arrange a FREE - NO OBLIGATION consultation visit to discuss what we can do today for your business' marketing and promotion needs.