Trillium Housing offers a platform for investment with social impact and attractive returns. The social impact is to greatly increase development of entry level housing by deploying capital through a network of development partners. The ability of Trillium Housing to deliver a reasonable rate of return and social impact to investors through partnerships with a wide variety of quality developers gives the Trillium Housing model the ability to be scaled to deliver impact across Ontario and beyond.

Trillium Housing offers investors the ability to make a secured investment into specific affordable housing projects.  The investment earns a specific interest rate over a short term (usually 4 years).  There is specific and measurable social impact.

The investments are expected to enable many families with limited financial resources to achieve home ownership that otherwise would be out of their reach. Research shows that homeownership builds family equity and brings improved health, positive education outcomes, community pride and contributes to the reduction of poverty.

The Trillium Mortgage is PAYMENT FREE as long as you own and live in your home.  But if you sell your home (or rent it out), you repay our mortgage.  And instead of earning monthly interest on our mortgage, we get our share of appreciation in the value.  It’s like we own a piece of your home while you need our help.  When you repay the Trillium Mortgage, the home is all yours.

you are interested in buying a home in a Trillium Housing development, you’ll need a downpayment (minimum 5%) and a first mortgage approval from a bank, credit union or mortgage broker.  We’ll work with you to figure out what you can afford (the downpayment and the first mortgage) and then try to fill the gap to buy the home you want in our development with the Trillium Mortgage.

We have pool of Trillium Mortgage financing available at each of our projects.  We try to match up available funding with your particular need to bridge the gap between what you can afford and the price of the home.