- HOSEA 4:6

Trinity Divine Healing

Our mission is to restore health and well being one person at a time through herbal and natural remedies.  We are passionate about this mission.  Our bodies were made to last, yet, we take for granted our bodies’ ability to heal itself.  Moreover, with the aid of herbs, the body can heal more effectively.  Knowing this, we love educating our clients on their ability to use herbs to aid their body in healing itself.  This motivates the passion we have to help everyone learn how to heal themselves using natural herbal remedies.

We consult with clients about their overall health by doing a health assessment.  Once that is complete we do a Dried Blood Cell Analysis.  A Dried Blood Cell Analysis shows the issues affecting the body by analyzing small 8 drops of blood on a microscope slide.  Once the drops have dried patterns form and it is these patterns that show if the body is experiencing issues in the kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, etc.....

When the assessment and analysis are complete, we suggest an herbal regimen that is best for an individual's better health.  It is through whole food nutrition and herbal remedies we help our clients' improve, regain and maintain health for optimal results.  At this point, our clients are not left alone, we provide personal shopping and cooking lessons for support on this new journey to their better health.

With weekly follow up and monthly support group gatherings our clients can feel they are given the tools and support they need to establish a healthy lifestyle change that is affective and long lasting.


Why You Should Care About Herbal Healing

A famous doctor once told me, people have two things when they get up in the morning, their good health and what they do for a living.  Well think about this will you, if you don’t have your good health, can you make a living?  The answer is no!  Yet, most of us work sick every day and pop a pill to ‘keep it moving’.  Therefore, living this way, you certainly can’t maintain good health.  Our lifestyles are very active, busy and stressful.  With good health, we can better manage our lives and enjoy our time in this world.  Without good health our lives become difficult and joy is hard to come by.  Herbal remedies aid the body in healing itself, making recovery time easier.   Initially, herbal remedies take time to work in the body, yet, as with any dis-order, it took time for your body to let you know something was wrong, therefore, it will take time to bring it back to health.   However, with minimal to no side effects, herbal healing works well with the body naturally.

Company Background

Trinity Divine Healing was inspired by Ondria Uzuri-Ima Phakamile-El.   It is her passion for sharing information with others about natural healing that motivated her to start this company.  She has studied herbal remedies for 15 years, using most of what she learned on her family and friends.   After receiving her certification in herbal science and dried blood cell analysis, Trinity came into existence.  She has firsthand knowledge of how well herbs work and giving people the healing power of herbs has been her purpose.  Now, it is the purpose of Trinity Divine Healing.