Trinoks Software is located at Turkey and offers solutions for increasing the efficiency of its customers by following the latest technologies in computer and software world. Trinoks performs business software development and installation with a wide range and also provides hardware supply, consultancy, training and technical support services based on the project. Trinoks is constituted from a young team combining their experiences in Automatic Identification and Data Capture sector with software technologies and database technologies and Trinoks aims to be the leader company in software industry both in Turkey and the world. The software developed by Trinoks is designed by considering that their speed and technologic infrastructure are future-oriented in order to increase the performance of the companies and to bring them competitive advantage. Our solutions can be operated on different hardware and they are developed with a sound architecture for being operated as integrated with other systems (ERP Systems, Relational Database, Accounting Packages) and for being open to development. Professional software team of Trinoks work very closely with the customer and produce simple and quick solutions according to the requirements of the companies. Trinoks team has also become specialized in integration of AIDC devices to existing systems. Various projects have been developed by using various barcode readers, barcode writers, hand terminals with batch/RF barcode reader, forklift terminals, industrial computers and different electrical-electronic equipment available in the market. Trinoks produces customer specific solutions with its rich product family and customer satisfaction is the first target. By bringing suggestions to the companies with professional project management techniques, informing the customer about the progresses in the world and instantly monitoring and applying the developments in the software technology, Trinoks has chosen .NET technology and Java technologies as a development tool for itself. Producing software in N-Layered architecture, Trinoks has adjusted the performance of its products to be the fastest with PL-SQL and T-SQL programming in Oracle database and Microsoft SQL server database. Since it has been founded in 2002, Axion Warehouse Management System, Factory FrameWork Production Tracking System and Fats Fixture Tracking System software are installed in many companies in industry, finance and distribution sectors and they are operated seamlessly.