TripFactory is re-inventing travel by becoming a virtual private travel assistant for consumers online which offers search that works like a human mind, unlimited choices & unbiased advice and helps them find the best price, comfort and recommendations for their trips from the largest travel mall online with direct prices from hotels, holiday players, travel companies and airlines first time in the world.

Tripfactory seamlessly brings the knowledge & content online from the stakeholders of the industry, be it airlines, hotels, tour operators, DMCs or experts and offers travellers with unlimited choices and unbiased advice. Vinay Gupta, the Founder is an industry veteran and a serial entrepreneur having earlier founded Via.com and grew it to over USD 500 Million in revenues in less than 6 years.

The platform starts with a simple Google like search which behaves as a human where you can type as you speak like '3 nights shimla packages under 30000', '5 star hotels in goa near calangute for 6000' or 'things to do in singapore', 'best time to visit kashmir' etc and it will give you relevant answers and products and not website links. It also gives Amazon like recommendations as to what others are doing and what experts suggest you should do.

Tripfactory believes the only fool-proof way to travel globally, is to have great advice on your side which is unbiased.

Here’s how TripFactory accomplishes it:  

1) Enable the knowledge of the travel world online and help travellers. Facilitating every great travel business irrespective of their size, to showcase their knowledge on one platform.

2) Technology that behaves like human, understands, advises and ensures that customers get what they need. Consumers can now search as they speak, - the finest travel search technology as yet.

3) Unbiased Advise and relevant recommendations. TripFactory is trustworthy, because it does not manufacture content or prices.

Customers can access it at www.tripfactory.com