We started Tripovo because we were frustrated with the current way of booking tour packages. Having worked many years in a travel agency, we saw their inflexibility and slowness in responding to requested changes to an itinerary. We also saw people trying to book online, but with difficulty in combining multiple parts of a trip or getting support from online companies.

As travellers we want choice and freedom, with the support of a travel expert if we need them. Tripovo is the answer. When planning your holiday, Tripovo allows you to fully customise your itinerary with a list of curated activities and hotels, to ensure you always get the best travel experience. And after booking, we will be there to answer any questions you may have until you return home.

We are passionate about travel and love exploring new places, experiencing new cultures and returning home with our horizons changed. We hope Tripovo makes the process of planning your holiday easier and in turn, encourages you to travel more.