TriTrekker.com features inspiring stories of professional and age group triathletes who have overcome great life obstacles to train and compete.

The site also features videos, articles, and reviews on the latest gear, technology, and attire worn in the three disciplines-swimming, cycling, and running. The website will also feature specials and discounts from triathlon manufacturers and retailers.

The site also covers local and regional events including races and expos related to triathlons or the three disciplines individually; swimming, cycling, and running.  

While the TriTrekker audience will include triathletes of various levels, the base audience will consist of “nubies” (new triathletes) or individuals who have contemplated participation in triathlons but did not posses the knowledge and or courage to take the first step.

TriTrekker.com also promotes the development of youth programs across the country dedicated to training boys and girls in the sport. The program will not only promote a healthy lifestyle in a country still struggling with obesity, it will also encourage the youth to train and qualify for the United States Olympic team and help grow the sport further into the mainstream.