Triu Naturals has a long standing history of creating some of the best & most popular products in the health & wellness, weight loss & cleanse systems, sports nutrition and nutritional supplement arena.  The newly released Lemonade Diet & Gnarly Sports Nutrition brands are listed under the parent company Triu Naturals.  

The Lemonade Diet was created around some of the most recognized and healthy ingredients used by people for centuries around the world for weight loss and internal cleansing.  The key ingredients of Lemon, Maple Syrup and Cayenne Pepper along with other ingredients & nutrients are all joined together in our proprietary blend to help purify the body and promote healthy weight loss.  Never have these ingredients been brought together and supported in this way allowing customers maximum convenience & effectiveness in a single purchase.  Diets & Cleanses are presented through all types of products, packaging and systems. If you are searching for the perfect diet & cleanse combination to free your body from added weight, toxins, chemicals, pollution and other dangerous substances lurking around in your insides then you definitely want the Lemonade Diet by Triu Naturals which offers the most natural and healthy solution possible.

Triu Naturals is proud to present the Gnarly Sports Nutrition line at Expo West 2012.  This line brings some of the best tasting and most nutritionally balanced New Zealand whey protein drinks on the market.  These whey protein drinks have been formulated specifically for Gnarly people of all shapes, genders and ages who are seeking the maximum benefits that cannot be provided effectively by a one formula fits all marketing approach.  Whey Gnarly Protein is designed with active lifestyles/sports participants in mind so they can build lean muscle mass post workout while maintaining the energy and nutrition necessary to stay at the top of their game.  Combined with our pre-workout Gnarly Pump L-Arginine product and our Gnarly Boost (Workout Replenishment) energy aid product to help you through your toughest workouts and recreation, the Gnarly (Pre, During & Post) products will have you feeling Gnarly in every way!
Our Gnarly line is also proud to introduce our Gnarly meal replacement drinks as well as our Gnarly Slim products.  Both of these products are designed for a variety of age groups and for use in numerous situations.  Don’t go hungry again whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain weight or just have the best nutritious snacks and meal replacements on the planet.  We invite you to Go Gnarly and challenge you to give up choosing between taste and nutrition.   It’s your life so if it’s not Gnarly then spit it out!

Check out Triu Naturals’ other fine products under our Trulicious & Triumph brands which support our Lemonade Diet and Gnarly Sports Nutrition brands.  Our focus and goal is to be your longtime partner in health while bringing you the best products possible.

Triu Naturals Brands:

Lemonade Diet:  Powder, Capsules & Stick Pack—Weight loss & Cleanse systems

Gnarly Sports Nutrition:  Whey Gnarly Post Workout Pure Protein, Whey Gnarly Meal Replacements, Whey Gnarly Non Diary Meal Replacements, Gnarly Weight Loss, Gnarly Pre-Workout L-Arginine Pump, Gnarly Boost Energy Aid (Workout Replenishment Product)—Sports Nutrition, Health & Wellness Support and Weight Loss products & Systems

Trulicious Sweeteners:  Liquid & Powder sweeteners—Flavored Stevia blend Sweeteners

Triumph:  Multi Vitamin, Liquid B Vitamin, Appetite Control, Xilo Gum, Shaker Cups, Tape Measures and Weight & Food Scales—Support products for Health, Wellness & Weight Loss