"My dream is that my books become available to children, families, schools and libraries everywhere, to promote tolerance and eliminate discrimination; to help build bridges of communication."  Intergenerational and intercultural awareness and acceptance amongst all peoples are threads woven throughout Roni's writings. She hopes that through literacy, her books and her stories, "People will embrace their similarities and respectfully acknowledge their differences."

"Stories from my heart to yours: connecting and preserving families, generations, cultures and their histories through books."

As an educator for more than 35 years and a presenter for nearly 15 years, I have shared with audiences of all ages. I have presented to toddlers through senior citizens - students, educators, librarians, parents and community members around my home state of Arizona and across the country, all the way to Montevideo, Uruguay, South America.

My audiences enjoy learning and sharing. I incorporate cultural, as well as family history and traditions, into reading and writing - encouraging love of literacy. Most exciting to participants of any age is how they can bring to life for themselves and their families what I teach; write about the past and present to preserve their histories for future generations. This experience encourages individuals to learn more about and embrace their own lives thus ultimately respect all who share our Planet.

A new brilliance to Roni's visits comes from her husband, Danny. He brings an added spark of educational and motivational wisdom to the children and adults who are fortunate enough to share in this unique experience. Roni & Danny delight their audiences as they genuinely and sincerely share from their life experiences as bilingual educators who both grew up on the U.S.- Mexico border. They both speak of multicultural connections, which come from their heritages as well as their hearts.

Now Roni's even written and translated for ©Disney/Pixar for the movie COCO.
She collaborated with her eldest son to create MIGUEL AND THE AMAZING ALEBRIJES. Roni also did the Spanish translation for both the COCO READ-ALONG that her son wrote, and for MIGUEL AND THE GRAND HARMONY that Newbery Medal Award Winner, Matt de la Peña wrote.
All copyrights ©Disney/Pixar