Trōphikōs ™- Who We Are

Trōphikōs, LLC, the Atlanta-based company responsible for bringing ellura to the U.S., is a dynamic and emerging organization committed to offering a new standard in nutritional supplements. All Trōphikōs supplements are strongly supported by science and research and are manufactured according to the highest regulatory standards to ensure safety and efficacy.

With decades of high-performance sales, operating and executive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the SJ Pharmaceuticals™ team came together to create Trōphikōs to meet the needs of physicians and patients in their quest for safe and effective nutritional supplements to promote long-term wellness and illness prevention.

Trōphikōs - What We Stand For

The name Trōphikōs means nourishment in Greek.  Ancient Greek medical scholars pioneered the practice of applying scientific logic and observation to studying and treating the causes of diseases, rather than focusing on treating only the symptoms.  This approach is central to what makes Trōphikōs different.  

For Terri Jackson Wade, President & CEO, of Trōphikōs, wellness education is key. “It’s not just about a product,” she says. “We want to build well-education patient communities.”

Trōphikōs strives to provide a new standard of effective, safe nutritional supplements that are science-driven and patient-focused. The passion of the Trōphikōs team is the promotion of long-term patient wellness, and the company is committed to enabling patients to attain healthier bodies through science-driven products.  

The team behind Trōphikōs, SJ Pharmaceuticals, has more than three decades of experience and an outstanding reputation marketing branded pharmaceuticals to thousands of physicians across the United States. The expansion with the Trōphikōs family of dietary supplements is built upon the strong credibility that SJ Pharmaceuticals has built over the past 30 years.

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