We are Andy Royston and Jackie Jackson – together we are Tropical Sun. We’ve both been designers for many (many many) years and we love what we do.  We  formed Tropical Sun so that we could concentrate on the projects we really love.

We specialize in fine art photography, iPhoneography, destination marketing, custom publishing, social media and graphic design in addition to 'traditional' advertising and promotion.

We live and work in a small, mid-century, waterfront apartment  in Fort Lauderdale, which we love. We’ve done the whole office thing and these days, we prefer to be environmentally-friendly and keep our overheads low. (Which is great for our clients too!) We work in jeans and t-shirts and 99% of the time we don’t even wear shoes. If we get a creative block, which rarely happens, all we have to do is look out of our windows at the tropical foliage and the boats going by. If you drop by for a client meeting, come in shorts and a t-shirt; we’ll discuss your project on the dock sipping a beer (or one of our huge selection of herbal teas if you prefer).

We work at an uncluttered table right by two open large windows which let in the tropics, cool breezes and fresh air. There is always a bizarre playlist entertaining us.No-one on the planet has such bizarre playlists, I promise.