Trouver is the brainchild of a pair of marketers turned entrepreneurs. After years of creating events, executing strategies, expanding brands and crafting campaigns, we realized that there were a few missing pieces and they all led back to ONE thing; a major void in human to human marketing.

Companies push marketing to drive leads and then lean on sales to close as quickly as possible and never focus on building any kind of relationship outside of dealing with customer service issues. This cycle has created a serious void in understanding a prospects true needs over the wants of a company. This is why we created Trouver.

Trouver, which means ‘find’ in french, focuses on helping you find exactly what you need in your marketing. Be it a new website or social media management, we can manage these On-Demand services as much or as little as you like. In addition to the On-Demand services, we created an offering that allows you take advantage of OUR relationships. We coined this, Business MatchMaking. Here we take the time to learn your product and match you with our contacts based on their needs. This helps with establishing new relationships and aids in creating new opportunities.