Troy Jacques Jermaine has been Creative Director/Stage Manager of EMERGE since 2009. In this role, Troy has the responsibility to deal with the creative aspects of the show including the communication, interactive design, and concept forward, as well as oversight of the promotions, marketing and advertising to his day-to-day responsibilities, acting as public relations specialists.

Prior to joining the EMERGE family, Troy worked as a freelance PR practitioner and Creative Director for clients that included: Dillards and Saks Fifth Avenue and had the opportunity to work New York Fashion Week, Charlotte Fashion Week.

Troy brings extensive knowledge and understanding of planning and directing communication methods designed to keep the public informed of employer's programs, accomplishments, or point of view as shown through his proven ability to plan and conduct public relations programs designed to create and maintain favorable public image for employers and clients.

Troy also has experience purchases advertising space and time as required; and arranging for and conducting public-contact programs designed to meet employer's objectives, utilizing knowledge of changing attitudes and opinions of consumers, clients, employees, or other interest groups.

 Preparing and distributing fact sheets
 News/Press releases
 Blogging
 Social Networking / Media Marketing
 Basic Coding
 Public Speaking
 Editing