I’m a professional Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist practising hypnotherapy in Witney, Oxfordshire. I have a proven track record and I’ve helped thousands of people achieve their personal goals and improve their health.

It’s important to choose a clinical hypnotherapist you are comfortable with. To help you with this decision I have provided you with the following information:

I have certified twice as a clinical hypnotherapist (C.Ht); the first time was in South Africa with the South African Institute of Hypnotism and the second time with Omni Hypnosis Training Centre in DeLand Florida.

The South African Institute of Hypnotism is regarded by many to be the best school of hypnotism on the continent and I am very grateful for having been able to study with these caring professionals.

As a young man I studied the work of world renowned hypnotherapist Dave Elman and wanted to expand my knowledge on his method as he was astoundingly fast and effective. I chose to study Gerald Kein of Omni  Hypnosis Training Centre who was taught by Dave Elman while he was alive. Gerald Kein is in my opinion (and others) the world’s best living hypnotist and his contribution to the applied art of hypnotism is second to none.