Thousands of websites provide useful information and reviews on a myriad of subjects.  Some of those sites may claim to educate consumers, but the information they provide is unclear or hard to navigate.  Now one, in particular, has found an under served community and has launched specifically to its needs.  TruckandBody.com is a commercial truck related business directory as well as an information portal that connects businesses with a consumer base. The directory allows truck related businesses to be rated by their customer base, as well as being listed in a directory where consumers can find them to inquire about their services.

Until now consumers had been able to do this with non-commercial vehicle resources such as cars, but TruckandBody.com is one of the first designed to work with the commercial trucking industry and address their unique business needs.

The site is user friendly and offers users business reviews, truck reviews, industry specific articles and updates.  There is also a question and answer area and a section for showcasing the affiliate of the day.

There are many sites reviewing truck regulations for the commercial industry, but sites reviewing and specific to commercial trucks, dealerships, and mechanics are rare.  TruckandBody.com hopes to follow in the steps of its parent company, ValuMotiv as a leader in the industry as a consumer resource. It is this consumer educational experience that sets us apart and will make TruckandBody.com the future for commercial truck industry.