True Athelite, LLC is NYC based startup basketball sportswear company, run by young graduates.  Our slogan is What Hard Work Looks Like.  true athelite® isn’t just a sportswear brand–it’s a way of thinking.  It’s a strong belief in the power of hard work.  It’s understanding that talent isn’t everything and that you’re capable of becoming the best at something if you truly love it and use that passion to fuel your hard work.
At true athelite®, we believe the daily grind is just as rewarding as the championship trophy. Because it’s those baby steps.  It’s those small improvements that build you into the best form of yourself you can possibly be.  And it’s those improvements that make you a champion even before you’re crowned.  Everyone is capable of becoming great, and every single product we make is tailored to inspire you and help you achieve that greatness.

Our logo, the true athelite® Star started off as the combination of a “T” and an “A”, but evolved into the ultimate symbol of excellence.  A star is what every hard-working athlete aspires to become.  It’s how they feel after they make a big play.  It’s how much brighter they shine when they’re under the bright lights.  A star is how you feel and who you become when you wear true athelite®.
The true athelite® Star also appears as an arrow pointing upward, a reminder to aim high and keep your head up through adversity, and resembles the Chinese character for “tree”, which represents longevity, growth, and strength.  These are the qualities of a dedicated, passionate athlete.
The true athelite® Star is a symbol of your hard work.  It’s a badge of honor.  It lets people know you’re a serious athlete with goals to improve, a passion for what you do, and an unrelenting desire to succeed.  It’s a constant reminder to hold yourself at an elite level and to always show What Hard Work Looks Like®, no matter how defeated or tired you may feel.  There is no off-season when you’re passionate about your sport; it’s always on your mind, and the true athelite® Star will always remind you and your team to keep reaching, keep grinding, and keep fighting.

Our website is www.trueathelite.com.