True Potential Publishing, Inc. began in 2004 with a single book: Treasures of the Deep - telling the story of ancient clues buried in the pages of the Bible that would lead to a great last days' treasure hunt; the treasure a vast oil discovery in modern Israel. Since that first book True Potential has published more than 40 titles with a special emphasis on the topics of Israel, Eschatology (End Times), The Church and Biblical Christianity.

True Potential Media was born out of its sister company – True Potential Publishing. Early in our publishing company history we learned a few critical lessons:

Bookstores don’t buy books – they just sell them.
Distributors don’t buy books – they just send them to bookstores.
Readers buy books – Our mission is to reach our readers.
‘Professional’ media companies and traditional marketing schemes didn’t solve our problems.
Spending a lot of money didn’t necessarily mean reaching a lot of people. Sometimes ‘free’ advertising worked much better.
Nothing we did was more effective than our raving fans sharing our message with their friends.
Whatever your product or message is, these principles apply. Discover how we can help you reach the world and create raving fans.