True West Financial is an international private equity firm with an investment focus in businesses that show potential to lead their market, working hand in hand with management to develop and deliver the value within our portfolio of companies.

With almost 100 experienced professionals, True West Financial provides private and institutional investors around the globe with independent, sophisticated private equity solutions. True West Financial has over $2.5 billion invested in private equity and real estate entities throughout the world, including funds and direct investments, dedicating the experience, resources and insights of True West Financial to the achievement of superior returns.

We have and continue to provide wealth management solutions and alternative investments to institutions, private investors and high net worth families around the world, who have benefited from our collective experience, insights and dedication.

True West Financial's success stems from our ability to bring together the best teams with the appropriate transaction and sector experience, and from our ability to recognize opportunities for long term growth for our portfolio companies.

Despite True West Financial's youth, being formed in Tokyo in 2001, we boast extensive global management experience throughout various market sectors. We believe that we can add significant value and realize the inherent potential within our portfolio companies.