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Our Mission:
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A popular method of goods transport in our country is through road. In accordance with the National Highways Authority of India, almost 65% of the total cargo and near about 80% passenger traffic is moved by means of road transport. The goods transport by road is managed by the transporters or courier agencies.    

What GTA {Goods Transport Agency} is all about?
According to notification No. 11/2017-Central Tax (Rate) on 28th June 2017, the GTA or “goods transport agency” represents an individual who offers service for goods transport by road together with issuing consignment note, by whatsoever name. You can also say that, whereas other people might also rent out vehicles for transportation of goods, only the ones who will issue a consignment note will be considered as a goods transport agency. Therefore, a note for consignment is an important condition to be measured as a GTA or goods transport agency.    

Which goods transport service is exempt under the Goods and Service Tax?
The goods transportation services are exempt by road apart from the following services:

Trukky’s Service Liability

Trukky is committed to deliver a hassle-free on-demand logistics service through the network of service providers connected on the platform. We have standard policies from booking handling to delivery and so in case of any non compliance of service delivery Trukky offers fixed compensation for the following:

We offer PAN deliveries from all the major metro cities within the country and provide drop in more than 100 cities.

We are providing Door to Door consignment pickup and drop services to over 100 cities across the country. These services are available for both commercial and non-commercial Parcel/part load consignments with up to 1500 KG weight.