Trupp HR contributes to the success of its small business clients by providing straight-forward HR solutions that ensure increased top performance from people while hitting productivity and profitability targets year over year. Whether just getting started or managing a staff of one hundred employees, our HR solutions address the comprehensive human resource needs for small business including HR consulting, outsourcing of HR activities, onsite human resource staffing, and online HR products.

Trupp recognizes that some businesses merely need initial or intermittent support while others prefer to entirely entrust their HR activities to a reliable HR provider. Regardless of where a company falls in this spectrum, Trupp HR solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of each of our valued, small business clients.

Why Trupp HR? We’re about simplicity and results. We are committed to helping grow your business. This happens best when your people strategy is aligned with your business strategy, performance is validated against key metrics, and your team is no longer distracted or losing efficiency due to insufficient best practices and HR resources. With Trupp HR, we will engage as an extension of your company to drive results and ensure regulatory compliance.

Don’t underestimate us. We may like to keep things simple but we never take shortcuts when it comes to the quality of our solutions. Whether you are interfacing with our human resource experts or our online HR products, we make it easy to understand, easy to monitor key metrics, and easy to follow processes. Our goal is to simplify what it takes to be a great employer while preserving the essential elements of HR best practices.

We are obsessed with results. If your business is cautious about adding expenses that do not directly contribute to increased profit dollars, then you will appreciate our obsession. At Trupp HR, it is not sufficient to write a policy or conduct a training session. We are about results. That is why we first work collaboratively with our clients to set goals. Then, we target activities to achieve those goals and validate through measured performance.

At Trupp HR, we know how to unleash the Power of Your Team.