Relax, take a seat and get prepared to let out a refreshing sigh of relief.  Witness the Can-Do attitude of Qandun.

Qandun  was created by the pioneering spirit of Rudy R Garcia to bring a fresh approach to understanding health insurance, employee benefits and a host related products. As a matter of fact, it’s a fresh a approach to conducting responsible, socially conscious, financially transparent business that exists for more than just making a profit.

We stand for making your insurance buying process EASY, INFORMED, RELEVANT and COMPLETE.  We are dedicated to BEING THERE FOR YOU ANYTIME you are in need of guidance and support.  We strive to provide only WINNING SOLUTIONS for your and anyone else your insurance decisions affect.   We are your point of contact when you need other business insurance and services as well.  We have partners with professional sources that hold the same VALUES as Qandun.   This is why we say “Anything CAN be DONE with Qandun.”

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Review our mission, vision, social responsibility and customer loyalty stance by visiting our website.  We are very proud of our willingness to stand out among the crowd in our business dealings.  We invite you to learn about us so you can have more confidence in our services.  Take a moment to read the REVIEWS from current customers and partners on our review page.